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  • Each person accessing CUBIC (research assistant, participant and escort, if applicable) MUST complete an online self-screening risk assessment questionnaire BEFORE arrival at CUBIC.

  • The pre-screening risk assessment questionnaire can be found at: http://healthcheck.higherhealth.ac.za/

  • Access to CUBIC will be determined by the outcome of the risk assessment, as detailed in the following document here.

If you are interested in conducting research at CUBIC please provide us with details of your study, ethics approval and an indication of your funding status. This information can be sent to cubic@uct.ac.za

All bookings can be made on our booking system CUBIC Calpendo . If you are a 'new user' you will need to first register on the system in order to make a booking.

  • New User / Project Registration and Safety Talk 

    To book a scan at CUBIC you will need to create or associate yourself with a new project. It is mandatory for all new users at CUBIC to attend a safety talk with one of our radiographers. After successful user and project registration as well as attendance of a safety talk, you will be allowed to make a booking.

    1. You will need to register as a new user on CUBIC Calpendo. Click “Register new user” and fill in the details; click “Register” once complete.

    2. Registration will be approved by one of our administrators after which you will gain full user access to the site.

    3. To create a new project on CUBIC Calpendo, click on the ‘Projects’ tab and select ‘Create Project’. Complete the form with all necessary details.

    4. You will need to attach your Ethics Approval Letter and Imaging Documentation (including the Imaging Questionnaire, and details of your Imaging Protocol). Add Resources (eg. MRI Skyra, Mock scanner room) to your project. You may also add other users to the project if necessary.

    5. To associate yourself with an already existing project, click on the ‘Projects’ tab and select ‘Project Membership Request’. You will need to enter the code of the project you wish to join. A list of projects can be found under ‘Projects>Project Search’. The owner of the project will then need to authorise your request.

    6. If you are a new user contact cubic@uct.ac.za to schedule a safety talk.

    Continue to CUBIC Calpendo to make a booking.

  • Slot Duration

    A minimum slot/scan duration of one hour can be booked for MR and PET-CT scans. However, private patients can book half hour slots.

    Business Hours:

    Monday - Friday
    08h00 – 20h00

    After-hours appointments can be made in consultation with CUBIC.

  • Rates


    •    Our 2020 Rates for research studies funded by SA funding agencies will be R 3 407
    •    Our 2020 Rates for research studies funded by international funding agencies (e.g. NIH) will be fixed at R 4 301
    •    Private patient rates will be based on typical medical aid rates.

    Our prices will increase from 1 April 2021 by 5% to:

    •    2021 Rates for research studies funded by SA funding agencies will be R 3 577
    •    2021 Rates for research studies funded by international funding agencies (e.g. NIH) will be fixed at R 4 516


    •    Rates for research studies will be R 6 195 per scan. 
    •    Projects funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation can contact CUBIC for rates.

    Note for users from outside of UCT: These prices exclude VAT.

  • Cancellations

    Scans cancelled more than 14 days prior to the scan will not be charged. Cancellations between 14 and 7 days prior to the scan will be billed at 50% of the scan fee. Cancellations between 7 and 3 days prior to the scan will be billed at 75% of the scan fee. Any cancellations less than 3 days prior to the booking will be billed the full fee.

    By accepting the terms and conditions and making the bookings electronically CUBIC is permitted to debt their funds for the hours booked at the agreed upon rates. 

  • Payments

    Payment procedures must be discussed with our Business Manager (Daniel Doetz) before commencement of studies or scanning of pilots.