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Our centre hosts ​a 3T Skyra Magnetom whole-body scanner (running software version VE 11) with the following hardware/software solutions available to all researchers:

  • coils:
    • 32 channel head coil (receive)
    • 20 channel head/neck coil (receive)
    • dual 15 channel TRx knee coil
    • 2 x flex coils (small and large)
    • 2 x 18 channel body array coils
    • peripheral coil
  • audio-visual:
    • MR compatible 32inch LCD screen (for fMRI experiments)
    • pair of NNL headphones (slim design fitting 32 channel head coil)
  • stimulus input/output
    • Lumina (Cedrus) response box with left/right hand set of response pads (total of 10 buttons)
  • software
    • fMRI: EPrime, Presentation
    • MRS: LCModel
    • Myomaps 
  • Phantoms
    • Siemens MR-Phantom 1900ml (0,5gal) 8624186 K2285
      • per 1000g H2O dist.: 3,75g NiSox 6H2O + 5g NaCl
      • (1P) ModelNo 08624186
      • (S) Seria-No 4417
    • Siemens MR-Phantom 5300ml 10606530 K2305
      • per 1000g dist.: 3,75g NiSox 6H2O + 5g NaCl
      • (1P) Model-No 10606530
      • (S) Seria-No 2733
    • Siemens Spherical Phantom D165
      • per 1000g dist.: 1,25g NiSox 6H2O
      • (1P) Model-No 10496625 K2305
      • (S) Serial-No 3201
    • Siemens Spherical Phantom D240 blue
      • per Liter MARCOL-Oil 0,011g MACROLEX blue
      • (1P) Model-No 10496685 K2305
      • (S) Serial-No 3341


  • mock-scanner room for subject preparation
  • reporting room with Syngo satellite work station supporting Argus software.
  • consultation room #1 (for subject interviews and training)
  • consultation room #2 (for subject interviews and training)
  • conference room (with a media projector and a screen)

Please reserve access to these resources through our booking system available under Bookings


A variety of postgraduate opportunities have evolved as a result of the ongoing projects at CUBIC. These span the fields of biomedical engineering, psychiatry, psychology, physics, computer science, neuroscience, medicine and radiology.

For students who want to be involved in brain-behaviour research please visit the Brain & Behaviour Initiative website. Postgraduate imaging programmes are also offered by UCT Biomedical Engineering. If you are interested in any of the other disciplines please contact us and we will refer you to the relevant programme coordinators at the Universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town.